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Excursion destinations

Landwuester Bauernmuseum.jpg

Vogtland open-air museum Landwüst

The Vogtland Open-Air Museum is located in the Landwüst district of the town of Markneukirchen. It invites you to take a stroll through the history of the way of life, work and construction of the rural population of the Upper Vogtland and is considered one of the most interesting and beautiful museums in the region.

Permanent and special exhibitions, the management of open spaces and gardens, animal husbandry as well as theme days with handicraft demonstrations and music events such as the series ´Music from the Barn´ complete the concerns of the Vogtland Museum.

Another worth seeing and experiencing

Open-air museum is located in Erlbach / Eubabrunn with the inn "Grünes Tal" 037422/6537.

Rohrbacher Strasse 4

08258 Markneukirchen




The Wirtsberg on the outskirts of Landwüst offers one of the most beautiful vantage points in the Vogtland with its small observation tower, which is also known as the lemon press because of its unusual shape.

The Wirtsberg is a 663.7 m high mountain with a wonderful view over the Vogtland.


Markneukirchen Musical Instrument Museum

The tradition of instrument making in the 'Vogtland Music Corner' has been going on for over 350 years. This can be clearly seen in the Musical Instrument Museum in Markneukirchen. Founded in 1883 by Paul Apian-Bennewitz and steadily expanded with great enthusiasm, the collection today comprises around 3,200 musical instruments. In addition to instruments from the Vogtland region, there are also over 250 exhibits from distant continents.

Bee garden 2

08258 Markneukirchen



Mother of pearl and local history museum

The mother-of-pearl and local history museum in Adorf houses the largest mother-of-pearl museum collection in Germany.

Here you will find many interesting details about the special way of life of the freshwater pearl mussel, about the unusual pearl fishing in a low mountain range and of course hundreds of exhibits about the local mother-of-pearl production, whose center Adorf in the 18th and 19th centuries. Century formed. In 1805, the Saxon crown treasure included a necklace made of magpie pearls, which is still kept in the Green Vault in Dresden today.

Freiberger Str. 8

08626 Adorf / Vogtland


Klein Vogtland.jpg

Miniature display


The miniature exhibition area Klein-Vogtland is a park in Adorf / Vogtl. in which faithful miniature models of sights of the Saxon Vogtland are exhibited. The detailed miniature models on a scale of 1:25 or 1: 100 are embedded in a botanical garden.


08626 Adorf / Vogtland



Sparkasse Vogtland Arena

The Sparkasse Vogtland Arena in Klingenthal has become a popular excursion destination in Vogtland. The impressive, light and modern architecture of the large hill and the judges' tower inspire the viewers.
The arena can hold up to 33,000 spectators.

The visitor does not have to walk to the jump tower, but is comfortably driven with the rail-guided adventure train "WieLi".

Once at the top, the highlight of the visit to the ski jumping hill awaits: the imposing panoramic view from the viewing platform and the capsule of the inrun tower.

Falkensteiner Str. 133,

08248 Klingenthal



Pramen Bílý Halštrov

Behind the border in the Czech Republic, the White Elster rises in the Elster Mountains east of (Asch), about a kilometer as the crow flies from the German-Czech border near Bärendorf , not far from the village of Výhledy (Steingrün) and flows south of the Halle district

Silberhöhe in the Saale.

In 1898 a memorial was erected at the source. This was renewed between 2000 and 2001.

Since October 2019, the source can be reached from Bad Brambach via the "Bärendorf Ort" stop of line 34 ( dial-a-bus with 2-hour advance notice) of the Vogtland city bus and a subsequent walk of approx. 2 km in an environmentally friendly way


Soos Nature Reserve

The Soos high moor and nature reserve extends 6 km southeast of Franzensbad, on the unique remains of a former salt lake. In addition to biotopes with living beings and plants, remains of volcanic activity can also be observed, mofettes - muddy carbon dioxide emissions or mineral springs. A popular educational trail leads through the reserve.

There is a geopark, a museum with scientific exhibitions, an exhibition of prehistoric lizards in life size. The exhibition 'Vogelwelt des Egerlandes' and a fallow deer enclosure can also be visited.

The Soos Reserve can be visited daily from mid-March to mid-November.


High stone

Vysoký kámen

The High Stone (Vysoký kámen) is a striking rock ridge rising up to 773.8 m near Erlbach / Eubabrunn, on the border between the Western Ore Mountains and the Elster Mountains in western Czech Republic. The rock ridge and its immediate surroundings have been a protected natural monument since 1974. After an ascent, it offers hikers a magnificent view far over the Vogtland.



The Göltzschtalbrücke in the Saxon Vogtlandkreis is the largest brick bridge in the world. The viaduct with a total of 98 arches is a landmark of the Vogtland and spans two tracks on the Leipzig – Hof railway line over the Göltzsch valley between the towns of Reichenbach in Vogtland and Netzschkau.


08491 Netzschkau


German space exhibition Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz

The fascination of space research can be experienced in the birthplace of the first German cosmonaut - Sigmund Jähn. Through unique models and originals you can learn more about the past, present and future of space travel. Start on an exciting journey to the International Space Station ISS in the cinema and hike through our solar system in the Planet Park.

All exhibition rooms and toilets are barrier-free.

Dr, Sigmund-Jähn-Strasse 4

08262 hollow hammer


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