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Bad Brambach, the strongest radon bath in the world due to the ingredients of its springs, is located in the wooded low mountain range of the Upper Vogtland (550-600 m) and is characterized by a mild, subalpine stimulating climate. These favorable climatic conditions ideally support the applications of the natural healing springs.

Our six springs, which are available to you as a guest for bathing and drinking cures, all contain a high concentration of mineral salts, iron, carbon dioxide and, as a specialty, radon. Treatment with radon, the natural remedy from the Bad Brambach springs, is of particular importance because of its high effectiveness. Radon is a noble gas that is only available in a few places in Europe.

Look forward to our Upper Vogtland hospitality and our regional delicacies. In order to enjoy this, to relax, to gather new strength, we cordially invite you as a spa guest or vacationer to our radon bath.

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