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Bärendorf village ensemble

Contact Person

Frank Lenk
Main street 20th
08648 Bad Brambach

Phone: 017624525946



The men's choir "Einigkeit", which emerged from a pipe smoking club in 1884, was the nucleus of the "Dorfensemble Bärendorf eV".

In 1947 re-formed as the Bärendorf Folk Choir, an amateur play group, dance and zither group, and harmonica players were added over time.

By founding the brass band 19… the association gained priority and became known nationwide. The highlight was a film about the village ensemble that was broadcast on television in 1986.

The brass band has been primarily active since 2000. As "Bärendorfer Musikanten" they still inspire audiences at many events.

Especially the dance in the popular Bärendorfer Schupfen are absolute highlights. All club members help there, so that the events have become a real crowd puller.


Marching band

Young Egerland

Contact Person

Michael Schwab
Schulstr. 1
08648 Bad Brambach
Cell phone: 0171/4330272



Member of the Eghalanda Gmoin eV association

The Young Egerland brass band has a special place among the diverse musical associations in Bad Brambach. It is a platform for enthusiastic performances for the well-trained youngsters in the local music school. As a member of Eghalanda Gmoi, the orchestra is committed to traditional Egerland wind music, but the repertoire extends far beyond that and covers the entire spectrum of exquisite wind music. The well-attended performances are not only limited to the health resort and Vogtland, concert tours take the ensemble, which has existed since 1934, to all federal states and other European countries.


Music band "Kraizdaquer"

Contact Person

Rico Jackel
08648 Bad Brambach


When a handful of thirsty throats came together in the remote mountain villages of Bad Brambach (Vogtland / Saxony) in the summer of 2007, it quickly became clear - we let it rip ... The seven musicians, who stylishly walk between styles, learned their craft wherever People celebrate, dance and drink. The mixture “from everything that works” is the band's concept, hence the name: KRAIZDAQUER = criss-cross through the musical vegetable garden. A few "genuine" Oberkrainers but a lot of hit, pop and rock covers in their own "unheard of" arrangements - always suitable for trumpet, 2 clarinets, bell front baritone, guitar (s), accordion and of course a singer. No wonder that they are a popular live act at parties, weddings and city festivals - they spread pure zest for life. Always under the motto: "First we have to like it, then others will like it".


Trumpet Choir

Bad Brambach

Contact Person

Pure fisherman
Christian-Schüller-Str. 9
08648 Bad Brambach

Phone: 037438/22918

Members from various Bad Brambach music associations have come together to form a trombone choir. Above all, they give festive church events a high-quality musical setting.

Dirigentenstab auf Noten

Male choir

Bad Brambach eV

Contact Person

Gert Sattler
Deckerstr. 17th
08648 Bad Brambach

Phone: 037438/22643

The male choir is the oldest still active association in Bad Brambach, it was founded in 1851. Today more than 20 singers continue the continuous, high-quality tradition of male singing in the health resort and, to the delight of the Brambachers and their guests, continue to cultivate the valuable German songs.


church choir

Bad Brambach

Contact Person

Silvia Zielke
Wachtbergstrasse 3
08648 Bad Brambach

Phone: 037438/21464

The church choir has dedicated itself to the musical design of church services and other church events for decades.

In addition, it enriches the musical life in the health resort with sophisticated appearances on festive occasions.

Femina Musica.jpg

Femina Musica

Contact Person

Janine Trommer

Women's choir Femina Musica GbR

Schönberger Str. 28

08648 Bad Brambach

Our “women's choir” was founded in 2009. The occasion was our former music and choir director who was retiring. We had the idea to give a little serenade at your farewell event. At that time there were 6 of us. The rehearsals before and then the performance were so much fun that we decided to keep singing. We spoke to girls from Bad Brambach and the surrounding area who love singing.


Game and sports club

Bad Brambach eV


Anja Loos
Wiesenstrasse 3
08648 Bad Brambach


SSV Bad Brambach eV is successfully continuing the long, more than 100-year-old sports tradition in the health resort. With around 170 athletes, it is Bad Brambach's club with the largest number of members. The palette ranges from children's and youth sports to senior sports. The club is divided into the departments football, bowling, table tennis, weight training and women's gymnastics. In addition, he offers various health promoting courses with the certificate "Sport pro Gesundheit".


Brambacher Carnevalsvolk eV


Dieter Schmidt
Badstrasse 20th
08648 Bad Brambach

Phone: 037438/219444


If punctually on 11.11. When the Bad Brambach town hall is stormed at 11 a.m., crazy time also begins in the health resort. The active members of the BCV bring momentum into cultural life with handmade paper evenings and costume balls, which is also enriched with children's carnival as well as spa guest and senior carnival. The carnival events that have been held since 1986 need not shy away from any comparison to large television events in terms of fantastic program ideas, attractive stage sets, perfection of the various ballet groups, perfected stage technology and much more.


Association for the promotion of open child and youth work


Katrin Axmann
08648 Bad Brambach


The focus of the association's work is a meaningful project design for all children and young people in our place and its districts. We want to improve the leisure activities on offer for our target group and actively involve them in their design. With the help of committed members, parents and funding from the municipality and the district, the association has succeeded in creating varied and interesting offers since its revitalization in 2017. The use of the "Eisstern" building in the outdoor pool area also offers us numerous opportunities to do this.


Brambacher Anglerverein eV


Harti Grumbach
Badstrasse 26th
08648 Bad Brambach

Phone: 037438/22327

In 1983, 12 fishing enthusiasts founded the first fishing club in Bad Brambach, and the number of members has now increased to 40. The main fishing water in our area is the large pond near Schönberg. Fishing enthusiasts among the guests and holidaymakers can purchase day or week tickets for the local waters.


Bad Brambach Local History Museum

Contact Person

Yvonne Rudolph


Bad Brambach local history museum

Hometown club

Helmut Wolfram

Zollstrasse 6

08648 Bad Brambach

Opening times from April to October

every Wednesday and Saturday 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Interested visitors can find the Bad Brambach local history museum in a historic farm on Zollstrasse.

There are numerous exhibits on the local history, on the history of mineral and medicinal springs, on the development of the spa system, on customs and musical instrument making and much more

The members of the association are available for guided tours.


Small animal breeders association eV


Peter Gyra
Raunergrund 29
08648 Bad Brambach

Phone: 037437/53770

The Bad Brambach breed rabbits and poultry breeders have been organized in the small animal breeders' association since 1906. A large number of regional and supra-regional honors, prizes and awards testify to the high quality of their breeds. The highlights of the association's work are the local show, which takes place every year on the weekend of the 2nd Advent, and a young animal and advertising show in summer.


Kur- und Tourismusverein Bad Brambach eV


Kathrin Stübiger
Phone: 037438/20667

Contact address

Bad Brambach spa and tourist association
Badstrasse 47
08648 Bad Brambach

Phone: 03 74 38/2 24 22


The town's largest trade association represents all those who are interested and involved in the prosperity of the spa and tourism. It bundles the activities of the landlords and the hospitality industry in order to make our guests' stay in the health resort as pleasant as possible. Competent information on health and wellness services, constant improvement of the tourist infrastructure, cooperation with the Sächsische Staatsbäder GmbH and the Bad Brambach Clinic, preparation of offers in line with the market are some of the main tasks to which the association has committed itself.


Rohrbach youth fire brigade

Contact person

Andreas Schrögel


OT Rohrbach

08648 Bad Brambach

The Rohrbach youth fire brigade was founded 60 years ago. She is one of the longest serving in the Vogtland.

Can two dozen children and teenagers be proud of a 60th birthday? Sure, in Rohrbach it is. The youth fire brigade has existed in the small town in the upper Vogtland since 1960, and despite worries about young people in between, the following applies to this day: But we're still there!

If you are interested, please contact Ms. Roswitha Schrögel, Tel. 037438 20311

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